Notícias: agosto 2016

A Global Outlook – Inspiring OOH

In the last decade OOH advertising had arguably undergone the most radical upheaval globally in its history. From the earliest days of cave paintings to posters on walls, OOH media was effectively just that, static pictures on walls of varying sizes and sophistication. However, our position as the oldest and most static of advertising mediums […]

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Olympics 2016 Play Out Across DOOH Screens for the First Time

Ocean has launched its Rio 2016 sports coverage across its full motion city and roadside out of home screens with highlights of inspirational performances featuring Team GB competitors. In partnership with Team GB, Ocean has scheduled the playout of full motion broadcast coverage in exclusive six minute slots 11 hours every day as the Games […]

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O rei deposto por números e imagens

“O conteúdo é rei!”. Quantas vezes já não ouvimos essa afirmação? Porém, independentemente de qual canal de mídia você investe seu precioso budget, ele não vai gerar o ROI e efeitos desejados se não pensar cuidadosamente sobre o tipo de conteúdo que vai publicar. Ninguém jamais consideraria exibir uma imagem estática sem som no horário […]

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The future of DOOH is now: Pairing biometrics with digital signage

When “Diamonds Are Forever” came out in 1971, film buffs and James Bond fanatics got a sneak peek at a futuristic technology that is now so mainstream that many of us carry it around in our pockets as part of our smartphones: A biometric fingerprint scanner. Historically, biometric technologies such as retina, facial and fingerprint […]

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The best election-inspired billboards (so far)

TV and radio stations in swing states across the country are bracing for the oncoming rush of political ads supporting or trashing presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. There have already been lots of election-related billboards this year. Many are surprisingly creative. Some of them support one of the candidates. Others take jabs at the candidates. Still others […]

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How to create a successful customer experience using digital signage

Retailers making the transition from clicks to bricks, or visa-versa, will know of the power that comes when you pair digital interaction with the offline world. Consumers are increasingly digitally savvy and expect an omnichannel retail experience. Many retailers are choosing digital signage as a secondary sales tool that can provide information, wayfinding and sell […]

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