Clear Channel Singapore introduces new goal-based approach to buying DOOH.

Singapore — Clear Channel Singapore has announced launching a new goal-based approach to buying DOOH at its 2nd edition of The Ideas Seminar held on 19 October 2018.

The Ideas Seminar demonstrates Clear Channel Singapore’s forward-thinking value with media-agnostic events that bring together the best in advertising and media. Devoted to spreading ideas through thought-provoking topics, it serves to inspire the audience, shift perspectives, challenge traditional thinking, ignite dreams of new possibilities and drive action.

Representing Clear Channel Singapore, Amanda Woo, Head, Client Partnership and Business Development and Darren Koh, Project Lead, Play+, introduced a new goal-based approach to buying OOH, Play, Guaranteed, mimicking the ease and flexibility of online ad-buying underpinned by pervasiveness of OOH.

Clear Channel Singapore opened with the ‘Story of Play’, sharing its journey in DOOH since its inception in 2012 with Vivacity, from 30 premium panel location in the City and CBD to the island-wide coverage today leveraging state-of-the-art technology to serve dynamic and highly-contextual ads. At each stage of its evolution, Play was transformed to meet to market demands.

Brand advertisers today are demanding for higher accountability and quantifiable goals. Play+ will allow for advertisers to buy guaranteed goals and not just locations; to deliver campaigns from one week to just one day; and increased flexibility where advertisers will have a suite of add-on solutions to choose from.

Powered by LEXI, the award-winning audience understanding video analytics system, the technology enables the measurement of ‘views’ which are the number of people who has viewed the advertisement and ‘footfall’ which are the number of people within bus shelters. Aside from achieving the guaranteed views and footfall, brands are provided the flexibility to select ‘add-ons’ that include from selecting CBD or Heartlands, increased share of carousel to 20 or 30 seconds, or have the option of a bespoke solution tailored to the advertisers’ need such as a full buy-out, specific sites or a fully interactive PlayLive! solution.

“There are many ways to take us to the next transformation in OOH; and it may not necessarily start with programmatic OOH. We need to gradually resolve challenges in inventory, measurement, data and technology before the adoption of programmatic OOH becomes more plausible and credible. Programmatic OOH will undoubtedly form part of the future of OOH advertising, once these various barriers are overcome.

We take one step closer to making programmatic OOH a reliable reality, with the launch of Play+.

With Play+, we make the DOOH booking process more intuitive. Play+ is automated, flexible and measurable. Play+ delivers guaranteed footfall and views.

With Play+, we are making a public promise of a guarantee.”, says Kelly Khoo, CEO, Clear Channel Singapore.

Fonte: https://clearchannel.com.sg/news/clear-channel-singapore-introduces-new-goal-based-approach-to-buying-dooh/?fbclid=IwAR1b0OP08zEfMssmdQjXlE3TeDHeTZ-ZhWXfDaCrLFks8tqhOb1eJnhmOTY