Desligamento temporário de um Painel de OOH é noticia em Londres

Impressionante, o desligamento temporário de um Painel de OOH é noticia em Londres ! Ele faz parte de cidade desde 1908 e só foi desligado uma vez , durante o Blackout na segunda guerra. A Midia OOH é assim, faz parte da vidas das pessoas e os londrinos e turistas  não precisam se preocupar , ele voltará ainda mais moderno. Veja abaixo a estória desse painel.

THE iconic advertising displays which have lit up Piccadilly Circus for over a century have been switched off until the Autumn.

The electric billboards went off at 8.30 this morning and will stay dark for the longest time since the Second World War blackout.

The countdown to the lights going out ended at 8.30 this morning

A single screen, measuring 790 square metres, is set to be unveiled later this year to replace the six separate screens.

The new display will host live video streaming as well as information, such as weather forecasts and sports results.

The original billboards were introduced in 1908 and Perrier were the first to advertise on them.

The switch off is advertised on the board

They were switched off for the Second World War in 1939, during the blackouts, and re-lit a decade later.

Since then, apart from power cuts, they have only been darkened as a mark of respect during the funerals of Winston Churchill and Princess Diana, and as part of environmental campaigns.

Coca-Cola have had a spot on the famous screens since 1954 and will have one of the six slots on the new board.

Samsung will also be among the companies with a permanent ad on the screen.

It’s estimated around 100 million people pass through Piccadilly Circus each year.

Guinness takes pride of place in the ads of 1931
 Bovril and Wrigley’s are among the brands advertising in the space when they came back on in 1949

Coca-Cola’s ad is shrouded in fog in 1959



The Max Factor brand tops the building in 1961



The billboards light up the West End in 1961



A tourist is snapped in front of the iconic boards in the 1950s



Cigarette advertising was all the rage in 1963



Cars and motorbikes drive past the billboards in the 1960s



Cinzano was a popular drink in 1969 when this ad appeared in the Circus



Coca-Cola ads sit next to Honor Blackman’s name in lights at the Piccadilly theatre in 1970



Piccadilly Circus with billboards featuring McDonald’s, Fosters and TDK adverts in 1993



A classic red bus drives past the boards in 1997


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