Spotify Builds More Funny Ads Around User Data, This Time Saluting Goofy Playlist Names

Late last year, Spotify ran a very cool global out-of-home campaign based around its vast trove of listener data, with headlines referencing some of the more bizarre user habits it noticed throughout 2016.

The music streaming service has now unveiled a follow-up campaign of sorts, from Wieden + Kennedy New York, that again combs through listener data, this time with an eye toward unusually named playlists.

Out-of-home placements will be up for six weeks in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York featuring the creative below, which amusingly calls out playlist names like “sorry I lost your cat” and “I don’t know how to make a playlist.”

Putting users at the center of the ads, and celebrating their peculiarities—which really just shows how they make the service their own—is a great choice by Spotify. This feels like a campaign that has great potential to keep evolving.


Fonte: http://www.adweek.com/creativity/spotify-builds-more-funny-ads-around-user-data-this-time-saluting-goofy-playlist-names/