Talon Outdoor: Better Together – new research shows OOH digital boosts social media campaigns

New OnDevice study into the “4th Space” reveals significant impact when Full Motion Digital Out of Home is added to social media campaigns, including a 23 per cent uplift in brand metrics and even greater effect on store footfall.

An initiative to combine brand advertising on social media platforms with Full Motion Digital Out of Home (OOH) shows a significant incremental benefit to core brand metrics driven by social media.

The uplift across brand funnel metrics including brand awareness, emotional response, brand consideration and brand action averages at a consistent incremental change of plus 23 per cent.

Brand studies including Virgin Holidays, Pride and a major high street coffee retailer reveal consistent shifts across core brand impact metrics. Where we measured the incremental effect of Full Motion Digital OOH on specific call to action metrics, the increases were most significant and up to plus 86 per cent shift for one brand.

Fonte: https://www.moreaboutadvertising.com/2018/10/talon-outdoor-better-together-new-research-shows-ooh-digital-boosts-social-media-campaigns/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=SocialWarfare