The best election-inspired billboards (so far)

TV and radio stations in swing states across the country are bracing for the oncoming rush of political ads supporting or trashing presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

There have already been lots of election-related billboards this year. Many are surprisingly creative.

Some of them support one of the candidates. Others take jabs at the candidates. Still others are from advertisers poking fun at what has already been one of the most polarizing presidential election cycles in decades.

Amish for Trump

Let’s be honest: The Amish aren’t the first group you think of when you think of attention-loving, wealthy, loud Donald Trump.

But apparently someone sees parallels between him and this small religious group.

In Pennsylvania, the political action committee Amish PAC has put up billboards in support of the Republican nominee.

The group’s co-founder told Lancaster Online that the PAC hopes to introduce Trump to “likely the last group of voters who still don’t know anything about him.”

Leaving the country?

A realtor in South Carolina used a billboard to capitalize on many Americans’ perceived disdain for both candidates.

The clever ad reads, “Moving to Canada? We can sell your home” alongside images of both Clinton and Trump.

The billboard has picked up traction on social media. Many have shared it on Facebook and Twitter as an example of great ways to hop onto current events in advertising.


Lowans stand up

Trump’s name just begs to be used in advertising, whether you’re for him or against him.

One group in Iowa used it against him.

In Cedar Rapids, a crowdfunded anti-Trump billboard reads, “We don’t look to be ruled. Love trumps hate in Iowa.”

The ad was placed atop the U.S. Cellular Center, which is attached to the convention center where Trump held a rally on Thursday.


Trump and Cruz get cozy

In Cleveland during the Republican National Convention, the LGBT group Planting Peace ran a billboard that used the familiar “Love trumps hate” line, as well as the phrase “End homophobia.

The most striking part of the billboard wasn’t the words, however.

It was an artist’s rendering of Trump and his Republican rival Ted Cruz engaged in a very steamy kiss, a pointed jab at Republicans’ history of opposing gay marriage and other LGBT issues.


Better Choices

In another billboard playing on many Americans’ dislike for both candidates, the auto dealer group Morrie’s has launched a “better choices” OOH campaign in Minneapolis.

The first ad reads, “Oh Trump. Oh Hillary. Oh Canada.”

The group’s CEO has said the “Better Choices” tagline is actually missing from the billboard.

The group is planning other OOH ads that fit the theme, including one that reads, “Hillary, check your email for specials.”Election5.

Left and lefter

The Wisconsin Republican Party used a play on the movie “Dumb and Dumber” to voice what it thinks about Clinton and fellow Democrat Bernie Sanders, who lost his bid for president.

The group placed “Left and Lefter” ads featuring images of Clinton and Sanders in Milwaukee and Green Bay, along with an accompanying website.

The ads went up right before Sanders visited Madison for a rally.


What wall?

In Los Angeles, Mexican-American radio personality Don Cheto used billboards to send up Trump’s stance on immigration.

The ads, which have both English- and Spanish-language versions, read, “Taking an American’s job since 1972.”

The ads also feature an image of Don Cheto sporting a version of Trump’s famed comb-over.


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