A Claw Machine Dispenses Sunscreen on This Cool Beachside Bus Shelter Ad Protection is the name of the game By David Kiefaber

Sun protection has become a game at Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia.

Cancer Institute NSW, JCDecaux, UM and Soap Creative teamed up to build mechanical-claw-game-style SPF50+ sunscreen dispensers to motivate beachgoers into taking skin cancer a bit more seriously.

The larger “Pretty Shady” campaign is meant to raise awareness of skin cancer and its causes and risk factors. It also includes bus shelter wraps around Sydney to keep commuters out of the harsh sun.

The shelter wraps are a nice courtesy, and the “lucky grab” sunscreen dispensers are a great idea that should be adopted as a public service, like water fountains or restrooms. It wouldn’t hurt to adopt this practice in the U.S., either, given the 70-degree Christmas many of us just had.


Via AdWeek


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